"The TOMB"


The TOMB: This play takes place at the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington Cemetery in Virginia. t begins with the first interred, Reggie a WW 1 medic who is also a conscientious objector from Hattiesburg Mississippi a racially taught sector of the state. During his interment he meets Joe a WW2 marine killed during the invasion of Peleliu in one of the fiercest battles during that war. Their relationship builds until a new interred arrives. His name is Reuben and is an African American Captain of the US Army killed in Korea.

The tension builds between all three characters where the conflict of values, mores and racial conflicts are exposed. All from different and diverse socio-economic, political periods of time...all complex and unique to their values and beliefs. Then finally the fourth interred arrives. Blake is from the Vietnam War with all the news of what the world they fought for is like presently. Blake is still in a drug haze from the battlefield and is totally unaware of his own demise. In this haze he exposes the reality of the world he is now in... down to the bare bone. This begins the questioning of their place in the war they fought in. The thoughts, language and conflicts are real and the question of wars validity is the answer they are seeking with humor and pathos. Heightened clichés are used to drive the message...of course war is bad but the inequities within war is what this piece is about. That's the injustice.