The WARD: Between the years 2003 to 2005 wounded National Guard and Army Reservist were sent to several different medical facilities in the United States including Walter Reed Medical Center. Due to overwhelming influx of Guard and Reservist wounded they were cordoned off to different treatment centers that were not equal to those of the Active Army. "The WARD" takes place in a medical facility at Fort Stewart just outside of Savannah, Georgia. It is year 2004.

The piece looks into a day inside the makeshift barracks where the wounded are billeted. All are learning to accept their new physical conditions but not accepting the conditions of their treatment. Combined with the machinations of the upper command is where this story lies.. How far can they go before they rebel and expose those injustices. The respect for the military has greatly diminished in the eyes of those imprisoned in this nightmarish existence. Out of all this humor and anguish live side by side.  Newly arrived Lieutenant O' Keefe a female officer sees all the pain and the cruelness of their existence and makes efforts to create a better environment for them while jeopardizing her own career with the Regular Army. Characters are diverse. The dialogue is real. The medical problems and conditions are real as well.

Logline: One's existence is defined only by the level of conscience of those who administer the rules of that existence.

10 Men

2 Women

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The Ward